Thursday, October 31, 2019

Addiction Neuroscientists Should Talk to Some Moms

     *This is an older piece but I'm reposting it while I write a few new blogs on how dangerous it is to ignore the moral component of addiction and how the disease model has become a religion of degeneracy. I'm also trying to move away from full time real estate and construction so I can write a new book for parents and spouses about how us becoming addicts is not your fault whatsoever. There is nothing external that can be blamed for who we are and what we do. Any and all external "causes" of addiction are myths, including genetics and other ridiculous notions such as addiction being some evil entity that we caught in the air, or waking up one day and suddenly having a brain disease. We are not born addicts. We voluntarily turn ourselves into them. And there are no such things as "triggers." That one just makes me laugh. Any addicted person can recover permanently, become free and never again struggle so long as they remove their actual condition, which is insanity, which is achieved through total accountability and spiritual help. Therefore, relapse is NOT part of recovery. That is a marketing slogan designed by treatment centers and peddled by clueless addiction "specialists." Relapse, needless to say, has nothing to do with recovery. More to come...

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Comment Responses on Depression & Addiction

     I posted the above meme a while back on the FB page, which, needless to say, triggered a few of the more sensitive crowd. To note, the sensitives are generally miserable, still drink and use, and indulge in lavish excuses and justifications as to why they use, why it's not their fault (of course) and why they have no choice. Right, sure, sign me up. Sensitives also despise when anyone challenges their delusional excuses. Sensitives are generally young, immature, clueless, progressive, and want everything for free (i.e. taken from others and given to them). They generally believe that nothing is their fault, everything is unjust, and all who disagree with them are evil. For all intents and purposes, they have been brainwashed.

     Here is one by Kristie: "I disagree. I have seen many people turn to addiction especially uppers as a way to function when their depression is bad."

     And another by her cheerleader, Erin: "Bullshit!!! Depression does INDEED cause addiction!!!!"

     Finally, you have Kimberly, who is very concise, thoughtful and eloquent with her thoughts: "BULLSHIT"


Comment/Response on Selfishness as Lethal Spiritual Poison Regardless of Drugs/Alcohol/Sobriety

Comment - Anonymous:       THE ROOT TO OUR PROBLEM IS SELFISHNESS - this statement here sums things up perfectly, if only my recover...