Monday, November 3, 2014


     Some guy recently accused me of watching Fox News and killing the message with too much political interjections or some such nonsense. First of all, it is the Truth that is the message, whether we're talking about addiction or anything else, and therefore, the message is just fine and always will be. Second, I subscribe to neither faux political party in this country or the hoax that is the Left/Right paradigm. So sorry, my friend, this is way beyond mainstream political debate in America, which has the depth of, say, the crushed beer can between the bicep and forearm of The Situation, or perhaps the season finale of Teen Mom.

     People think that I'm cynical, which I won't argue, but I am actually quite happy, content and at peace. People think this blog is controversial, but I don't see it that way. It is simply an attempt to see things as they are and to shine a light on addiction and recovery. And, um, by the way, the content is free, so if you don't like it, you might consider trying to produce something of your own ;-) Anyway, listen, I am sorry to be a dick, but I'm trying to help, not hurt, and in order to do so, certain things must be said and certain perceptions must be challenged.

     So regarding some of the links, they are not political. I don't care what 'side' you are on. The left and the right are interchangeable. We are all being played, as the agenda is one in the same: to grow the monster that is government and to procure personal power, prestige and control at all costs. The Left are outwardly profligate and pretend to be anti-war when in reality they are both pro-war and profligate. The Right are outwardly pro-war and pretend to be fiscally conservative when in reality they are both pro-war and just as profligate as the economically and historically illiterate Left. Both want massive government, maximum profligacy, a sheered middle class and a full blown police state.

     Both parties consist primarily of morons who understand little to nothing about how the world and the economy actually work, although the Left does take the cake for being completely and utterly clueless about economics and monetary policy, as they actually believe and continue to assert that government, not businesses, create jobs. Huh? People believe this stuff. Let me explain something to you. When government expands, real GDP shrinks. That is just math. Government doesn't create anything. It exists and funds itself solely by extracting and stealing the wealth of its private citizens. That's a little Truth 101 for you.

     Take the student loan debacle for instance. Student loans don't help you, they hurt you, though you wouldn't think so given the way your saviors in Washington talk about the virtue of having a college degree. Lmfao. We have recently crossed 1 trillion dollars in student loans and a 40% 1-year default rate, and yet, because these poor students are robbed of any financial IQ or real facts about the system and end up with a liberal arts degree that is essentially worthless, they don't understand the scam that they are party to. Sure the scam stems from government, the big banks and the universities themselves, but the countless students who've been brainwashed into thinking they all need a college degree are the fuel which grows the fire. I wrote a piece about why tuition costs continue to rise, Student Slavery, but in a nutshell, it is because of unlimited access to student loans and the unlimited demand it creates, both of which are exploited by the universities and colleges. When government makes debt available to anyone with a heartbeat, tuition costs are guaranteed to rise, and rise they have.

     At any rate, all of this stuff about addiction or about monetary policy, governments, central banks and the dynamics of power only pisses people off if it somehow disagrees with what you believe. It's sad that we have become so conditioned by the nonsense on TV, sort of ineducable, if you will, such that nobody is willing to be wrong anymore in this country, change their thinking, and learn new things. But hey, that's what we are. We vote for what we get, and therefore we deserve what we get. We the people are just as guilty as the government clowns.

     But the truth is I care nothing about what anybody thinks. I am interested in the truth and I care about the truth, and for the sake of your future and more importantly for the future of your children, you should care too. Those who troll, argue and bicker are like adult-size children, desperate, and focused more on satisfying petty disputes as opposed to going out there and taking action and making a difference. I pray that we all wake up from our blindness, obstinacy and pomp, realize how stupid we have been, and save this world from the Godless lunatics who run it.

     And on that note, I am actively working on a comprehensive website and all of this content will be transferred at some point, so be annoyed while there is yet time ;) I also have begun an outline for a new book on the process of taking Steps for anybody, not just addicts and alcoholics. I hope families and spouses will find it useful in their own journeys of recovery and healing.


  1. Charlie I personally love this post. Thinking past the 2 parties is just what this country needs. I don't even watch the news anymore b/c it is only entertainment now. Everything is sensationalized to instill fear in us.

    And thinking outside the box re addiction and treatment is just what we need. The current paradigm does not work. I for one cannot wait to read any new book you write. Janet

    1. You are a wonderful person, Janet. I just wish I lived closer to you so we could have some vegan soup together in that lovely cottage of yours... or perhaps out in the garden. As the leaves fall and the cold moves in, your images save me.


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