Friday, January 20, 2017

Why I Loved Therapy and Socialism as an Addict and Hate Them Now That I’m Recovered

     Seeing a therapist for me was an exercise in manipulation… 

     What an opportunity for me to truly act the part for an unsuspecting stranger who loves to find and fabricate reasons, whether real or imagined. I honed my skills as a pathological liar and in return, heard just what I wanted to hear: seemingly endless reasons (excuses) why I just had to use drugs and drink alcohol, that I was a victim of my Dad, Mom, this person, that person, psychic scars, my past life, unattended soccer games, Mom moving out, Dad getting sick, abusive babysitter, thrown out stuffed animals, stern grandfather demanding accountability, crazy grandmother renting Exorcist for me when I was 6, borderline x-girlfriend, peer pressure, 1st grade teacher, bully in school, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They dug in and magically uncovered a complicated psychological myriad of deep-seated reasons why I used.

     “Well you see, son, the ridicule you endured by your father, his emotional withdrawal…” and on and on and on. I was given free reign to blame all of my drug use and my voluntary failures and abuse of others on my parent(or other)-induced depression, apathy, anger, fear and insecurity.

     That is utter nonsense. Quite frankly, it's dangerous.

     This is perhaps the worst strategy to treat an addict or an alcoholic. Addicts need quite the opposite of this 'concerto de sentimiento'. The addict must be tactfully and lovingly roasted beyond belief, and then built back together one spiritual brick at a time. The therapist’s job is to simply start peeling the onion, and the addict must continue to peel off layer upon layer of bullshit they have fed themselves and stored up in the attic. The addict must be taught how to become accountable for his thoughts, actions and beliefs. He must own his Self and who he has become. Reasons and profuse analysis of all the players in his life is counter-productive. Sure we look at other players, but only to the extent of our own responsibility. We are the only player who matters. What did WE do? We clean up our side of the street and judge not the flaws of others, even those who may have hurt us.

     And how does the addict become an accountable human being? First, he learns that he or she, as an active or untreated addict, is a purely selfish human being. He must be honest about the effects of his actions, as the ripple effect is extensive and slowly annihilates all things precious in life. He must search himself fearlessly and come to understand how he himself caused his addiction, his resentments, his fears and his sexual or other misconduct. How was HE selfish? How was HE self-seeking? How was HE dishonest? How was HE fearful? Recovery is not an exercise in assessing what others did to us. It is an exercise in what we did to others. This sort of humility allows the addict become accountable for his life and his addiction, and then take responsibility moving forward. This humility allows the addict to have an authentic 1st Step experience as the truth of his powerlessness permeates throughout his mind, heart and soul.

     Once the bullshit has been well dissolved and the addict is humbled, he must take continuous and rigorous action to comprehensively repair his being. He must also and at once begin to repair his worldly life and his relationships, if possible. He must repair his reputation, his bridges and standing in his community. He must swallow his pride and fear to search for all those he has deceived, lied to, hurt, abused and stolen from to admit his wrongs, while also showing the willingness to make it right in any way he can. He must then reach out to others who still suffer and share both his experience as well as the solution. The more people he helps, the better. The more action he takes, the better he will get, and as a byproduct, the better he will feel.

     Finally, he must continue to draw closer to God through daily prayer, meditation and other activities which calm and cleanse him, whatever they may be. He must let go of his pathological need to control everything and plow his way through life, driven only by self-will.

God, please take my will and make it Your own…

     By the way, I have a friend on just about every entitlement there is, and she often lashes out and complains about wait times and not getting checks and what assholes they are. Not only does she not want to work, she refuses to work, even when jobs are offered to her. She has come to believe that the state owes her, failing of course to understand that when she refers to "the state," she is referring to all of the working people of the private sector within the state. It is others with perhaps little more than she who owe her for some reason. She reminds me of an addict, as the mentality is quite the same. This is the problem with addiction, entitlement abuse and socialism - you eventually become entitled. When you should have gratitude the most, you have none. Why? Because you are just existing. If you're getting free help or free tuition or free anything (free meaning taken from someone else), at the very least you should be thankful.

     Give a man a fish and he eats for a day and then comes back tomorrow expecting more, having done nothing to advance himself as spirit decays. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life with dignity. He can also teach others to fish. He has a purpose. Below is a good anecdote I read on Martin Armstrong's blog about the difference between capitalism and socialism:

     "Martin, A story I received: A guy looked at my Porsche the other day and said I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost. I replied I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components that went into it, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people in Decatur IL, at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore. It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families. BUT,… I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed."

     Believe me, you want people starting businesses, creating jobs and accumulating wealth to then either expand and create more jobs or voluntarily offer to charity. Nobody seems to remember that we are very compassionate financially as a country. But if you simply rob everyone who produces, you end up with no jobs and eventually the money runs out and you are right back to where you started, except now there is no money left and all those who were given something for nothing still have no abilities or will to support themselves. Margaret Thatcher nailed it when she said the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money. It doesn't take very long before everybody loses.

     Many young people today don't understand that there is no such thing as free. Government funds itself and its various programs by extracting wealth from the private sector, so the larger government grows, the more the real economy and real GDP shrink. Larger government is deflationary, despite whatever nonsense you're being fed in college or on the news. Unfunded liabilities (meaning unfunded future entitlement promises) now exceed 220 trillion dollars. How is it that so many refuse to understand that when you borrow beyond your means, you bequeath that burden onto your children? Future generations will become debt serfs. As Hayek accurately noted, this is the road to serfdom.

     This has nothing to do with ideology. Both the Left and Right Establishment and the 'shadow' government (the deep state) or globalist power structure who controls them are one in the same, corrupt to their core, and have been bankrupting and hollowing out America for decades. Both are pro-debt, pro-tax, pro-war, pro-big gov and anti-people. This fundamental destruction of America is not achieved through capitalism but rather cronyism (corporate welfare) and socialism. All you have to do is read and study history and you will see.

     You will also see that it is the Left who are generally the most violent and intolerant. They are very self-interested and when you remove the cloak or facade of love and tolerance, you see that they really don't give a damn about anybody else. They also (oddly) seem to so easily swallow propaganda and ideology, whether by government, academia or the mass media, and much to their own demise. It is really about self and superiority, not others. They seem to really hate America, despite becoming so enriched by our various freedoms. You think you have it bad now? Trust me, the destruction of sovereignty and freedom will be the perfect antithesis of utopia. It will usher in the most brutal, totalitarian, socialist dictatorship the world has ever seen. Many will die.

     So the idea that you can control and manipulate the economy and the people, let alone the cycles of the earth and the universe is beyond me. It has never worked and it never will. Think cyclically. Regardless of the subject, the pendulum will swing back and forth. Trying to interfere and manipulate cycles, whether economic or anything else, via taxes or force is a fruitless and destructive endeavor. Career politicians have ruined us.

     My great-grandfather was about as inside as one can get. He served several terms as Senator and once resigned his position to rejoin WWII to fight the Nazi army. He was the first to do such a thing since the civil war. He also served as Ambassador to the UN, South Vietnam, West Germany and the Holy See. He also ran as VP against JFK in 1960. There are many things I could mention about my two families but the point is that one thing he told all of us is that you cannot believe anything you read in the mainstream papers and TV news. It is highly scripted and tightly controlled, despite appearances.

     Those who refuse to see this or understand the world as it is are just hopeless. They will never see anything and will always remain intolerant and hateful towards anyone who disagrees. It's actually quite dangerous what the media is doing today. I can't even have a bare bones, mathematical debate about monetary policy here in Massachusetts without my socialist friends becoming unhinged. They see everything through an ideological, social lens, incapable of simply discussing things such as math or debt, as if everything is an identity issue. I am called terrible and insulting things that are completely irrelevant to the discussion. 

     As far as media propaganda goes, take Syria and the Middle East as a great example. If you dig, you can at least begin to find the truth. Many insiders and whistleblowers are muzzled, if not just assassinated, but a slew of documents have been released that show civil war in Syria was in part a CIA operation. Sorry to say, but it was the Left who sold weapons and financed rebel groups like Al Queda and ISIS, but why? Why would they do this and then publicly pump propaganda about Assad being a genocidalist? My understanding is that we wanted to remove Assad not for the people of Syria, but to install a puppet dictator of our choosing to do the bidding for Saudi Arabia, our ally. Saudi Arabia wanted an LNG gas pipeline (known as the Nabucco pipeline project) to serve Eastern Europe to undercut Russian gas exports to the same region. The pipeline would have to flow through Syria and Assad didn't approve. So we needed start a war, kill whoever and lie to the public so Saudi Arabia can sell billions in gas to Europe. And why would we do that? Because Saudi Arabia preserves the petrodollar. If you don't know what that is, go look it up. You will never hear any of this on the news. You will never hear about the crumbling of Europe either, which will probably be ground zero for WWIII.

     There is also massive propaganda in the media regarding race relations. Today it is largely the Left who is becoming violent and prejudiced towards anyone who disagrees with them, while of course preaching tolerance. Most students today are so brainwashed in college they have no clue that it was historically the Left who were the party of slavery, segregation and systemic racism. Sure both parties today are just two sides of the same monster, but it's important to see through the false narrative many have bought into. Poor things are being manipulated by those in power.

     To have the potus assert that caucasion people are genetically predisposed to be racists is one of the more ignorant and insulting things one can say. It is also a lie, as prejudice is learned, not inherited. By the way, the word "race" is a social term and as such, it is used incorrectly by almost everyone. All biological notions of race are false. There is actually no such thing as race, but rather ethnicity., as only one human species or race exists - Homo sapiens (Anthropologically speaking, my understanding is that homosapiens originated in small region between Cush and Sudan, now Ethiopia, rendering the supposed discovery of different races such as the Peking Man a hoax). I have no evidence that this is true, but the point is that biological notions of race are false (so why does the Left insist on dividing everybody up into groups and pitting one against the other?) As such, we are all equal and it shouldn't even be a discussion. Physical differences are due to variables such as climate, isolation, diet etc. Also, to state the obvious, religions aren't races or ethinicities, they are belief systems and can include any ethnicity. So when you call somebody racist, what you really mean is that they are prejudiced. To truly be "racist," one must possess power, power by which one can oppress another group. To throw around this word the way it is today is immature and unintelligent. And to call anyone who disagrees with you a Nazi is just insane. Muzzling people with a different point of view reflects the very sort of "facism" they supposedly oppose.

     Race relations, as it were, have fallen off a cliff during the last regime, much of which is the result of self-fulfilling prophecy. When mainstream media and elected officials go around saying this is racist and that is racist and everything is racist, people begin to think racism exists where it doesn't or when it didn't. They have created an air of racism and caused the very tension and division they preach against. Identity politics and separating everyone into groups has well caused the decline, and sorry, but it is the Left who has done just that. They don't see people as just people. They segregate everyone into groups and then make value judgments based on the various groups that they have created. This is how they play the game. It's dirty. It's also dangerous and manipulative, but it is nonetheless a farce. The hidden agenda behind the empty lip service is indeed tearing at the very fabric of our society. They are purposely pitting us against each other to incite civil war, at which point government will grow even larger, more tyrannical and totalitarian... or simply collapse altogether following a collective lack of confidence.

     I think what I find most annoying about progressive intellectuals is when assertions that are themselves ignorant of facts are defended by calling anyone who opposes them a moron. The idea that everyone who is not you must be some sort of imbecile is really quite breathtaking in its arrogance. These are the hallmarks of narcissism and in some cases, psychopathology. Sorry, but that's the way it feels, and I only mention because this entire system will come crashing down if this keeps up. The system will eventually fail anyway, as socialism and debt-based systems always fail (it is simply a mathematical certainty) and the fallout will be absolutely brutal.

     Socialism and the war on God and family will utterly destroy us. I just pray that what comes after will be founded on the principles of freedom, truth and economic sanity. 


  1. Leaving aside your ideas about creating wealth, I have a question about your God idea: In a world of 4,000 sects and religions, either one is true or they're all false. Aren't there as many gods as human brains to imagine god? What then is God?

    1. Charlie, I have to agree on your take against socialism. I wish people would see if the government controls the purse strings then they control you. I agree that a lot of people on the left are intolerant; just look at "Hollywood." They make movies that tear down morality, glorify drugs and gun use then moralize to others on how to live. Our country is so divided. I have found in my life in regard to my alcoholic son that the more my husband and I give him the more entitled he feels. People have to get God back in their lives.

    2. Amen. Finally, someone who gets it.