Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blame Nobody but Some Doctors are Fools

     Earlier this year, I had a surgery in which I, as usual, refused any and all narcotics and other mood-altering medications. Needless to say, I had a brief discussion about addiction with the anesthesiologist, who said to me,

     "Scientifically, you are wrong. If an addict takes painkillers to specifically address the pain, he or she is not at risk at all."


     While he was a nice enough guy, that doctor is a fool, and acts on a philosophy that will cause any recovering addict he treats to relapse and potentially overdose.


     Amazing that people with such breathtaking intellectual arrogance and presumed medical knowledge can't even comprehend a few basics about addiction.

     But hey, what do I know, right? The problem with certain doctors is that they tend to believe nobody knows anything except for them, especially when it comes to science and the human body. It's the same with any intellectual elitist, except that intellectuals don't work or contribute anything. At least doctors actually go to the hospital and work hard.

     Ooops, sorry. I forgot we're not supposed to say "hard worker" anymore because it's racist ;-) Loony tunes.

"Doctor Convicted of Murdering 3 Patients Who Overdosed on Painkillers"


  1. Not sure if I can post a link here, but going to try. Charlie, you have to read this about narcotics and anestheists... Found this on another addiction blog, posted by the man the article was written about. Jen

  2. I didn't know being a hard worker was a racist epithet. Wow, changing world, and I'm just another hard working geezer trying to adjust.


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