Disease Aspect Is Irrelevant

It is the mind and soul of an addict that needs to be restored... nothing more.


     Let me explain why the primary issue preventing us from getting better is cowardice (form of selfishness) and NOT the disease aspect:

     Because if we had power over cowardice (courage), we could do that which we fear the most - living a drug free life and being human. We could push ourselves to motivate and do all those things that make us uncomfortable but that are good, right and productive for self and others. Have you even seen an addict do something that he or she didn't feel like doing? This is much more a disease of selfishness than anything else.

     When addicts realize we can just sit with everything that comes up within, that we can sit with reality, that we don't have to freak out at the slightest discomfort, that thoughts and feelings aren't going to kill us... we can then learn to master the secret of life. And if we could have faith instead of making excuses, we could not only regain sanity but we would begin to naturally repel that which pushes us further away from God.

     There is nothing outside of us that can fix us.

     Nothing else can accomplish for us what only we can accomplish for ourselves. We alone must do the work. Be weary of anyone who wants to hold your hand or give you some remedy or medication. They simply don't understand the nature of what ails you or what is necessary for you to get you better.

     You can fight and try to change your body all you want, but you will fail because your body has nothing to do with it. The truth is our problem lies in our minds, hearts and souls. Yes, our souls. That is where we will find recovery because it is the soul that is damaged and in need of repair. The body is just a sideshow, a symptom, a detail. Willpower and the restoration of choice reside in the mind, not the body.

     It's okay to feel human and suffer a little bit. Really, it is. Our allergy to drugs and alcohol does not exempt us from periodic discomfort. It also doesn't mean that we suffer more than anybody else. It just means that we used so many fucking drugs and drank so much fucking alcohol that our bodies now experience the phenomenon of craving once we start.

     In my new book, I will explain all of this (as well as how non-addicts can also become powerless) in a very friendly, non-confrontational way. As well, as opposed to this ridiculous blog, the writing is naturally better and perhaps more mature. It is very approachable, trust me. Maybe someone will even publish it. This nonsense takes up a lot of time, and sadly, there have been no changes to mainstream treatment methods and there never will be. They will always take the teeth out of recovery.


  1. Gosh I hope you are wrong Charlie. Treatment has to change because people are going broke trying to help their loved ones because that's what we've been told to do by the experts. I hope you never give up trying to get the word out there. Why you are not on Good Morning America and shows like that just kills me. I cannot wait for the new book! x

    1. Thank you, Janet! Always so good to see you and hear from you. I check out your marvelous blog and some of those pics are just amazing. So beautiful. Will keep you posted about the book. Almost half of it is completely done and edited ;)

  2. I respect your blog, and I am looking forward to your new book.

    I hope there will be an audio version, preferably read by the author.

    1. Hey, thank you so much. Hopefully it will be out soon. I have had other requests about audio versions and believe me, I'd certainly love to accommodate. If I can find a publisher, that shouldn't be a problem, but if I have to put it all out myself, it would cost quite a bit (time included) to produce a high quality, professional audio version.


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