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Book: The Privileged Addict Quotes

Below is the cover to a new book, The Privileged Addict Quotes, which contains over 120 pages of insights and knowledge from years of writing about addiction and recovery, including some new quotes and passages. I hope you will find this useful personally or as maybe an anti-bullshit gift to an addict, alcoholic, spouse, parent or friend in your life. The book will be out on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles and everywhere else shortly. For now, clicking on the image below will take you to my Lulu spotlight page where you can pick it up. Following the book cover, I have pasted the back cover caption for you to take a look at. 
     By the way, the other book I'm working on, Anybody Can Take Steps, will be out this fall. The book will universalize and break down the Step process for anybody, addict or not. It will describe and detail the incredible actions and tools contained within the Steps in an effort to help people better understand and utilize this process and its gre…

My Daughter Hasn't Made All of Her Amends. This Concerns Me.


My daughter has made amends to some, but not all. This concerns me.


Yes, that should concern you. Rarely, if ever, have I seen anyone be successful without making all of their amends. This step in particular is what separates the men from the boys [and the women from the girls]. It is where we find courage and begin to give back. For me, completing all of my amends was absolutely essential and paramount to building a solid foundation. I wouldn't be who or where I am today if I left some of them out. I will pray she finds the willingness to complete them and continue her spiritual growth. 

THEM, NOT US From August 5, 2012
     Someone once asked me about one of her amends. I told her she needed to make it. She said,
    "But this f'ing bitch was way more of an f'ing bitch than I was."

      First of all, wanh, wanh, wanh... do you want a pity-pot to cry in? I didn't say that, although it would have been a good idea. I told her to first pray fo…

Physical vs Mental Powerlessness

To avoid confusion, we must distinguish between mental and physical powerlessness...

     To put it simply, we are physically powerless once we start drinking or using drugs and they enter our system. Addicts and alcoholics are physically powerless for LIFE and will experience the phenomenon of craving (a physical event) every time we drink or use. There is no getting around our physical powerlessness. You can turn a non-addict into an addict, but there is no turning an addict back into a non-addict, physically speaking. Recovery groups who preach the idea of future moderate use for true addicts and alcoholics are completely insane.

     Active addicts and alcoholics, as well as sober yet untreated addicts and alcoholics, are mentally powerless until they have regained the power of choice, i.e. their willpower. When we get sober, we continue to suffer from what's known as the "mental obsession", which refers to thoughts or ideas (about drinking or using) that do not…

Book Update & Old Inventory Post

This old post got tons of hits yesterday for some reason... and since I also managed to receive an $850 home cheepo bill in the mail, here you go. By the way, sorry about the slight delay in the release of "The Privileged Addict Quotes". I do all of the interior and cover design myself, so I've been waiting for a hard copy to come in and then I can approve it. Should be out this week, for sure. As well, I've had considerably more time lately to work on "Anybody Can Take Steps", so that one should be done by early to mid-fall and it looks good. It will not only universalize and break down the Step process for non-addicts, but it will also help addicts and alcoholics better understand this process in simple, straightforward language.

     "A business which takes no regular inventory usually goes broke... We did the exact same thing with our lives. We took stock honestly. First, we searched out the flaws in our make-up which c…

Don't Make War with Yourself

When we say that we are to rid ourselves of spiritual poisons such as selfishness, dishonesty, fear and so forth, that doesn't mean we advocate making war with who we are. To let go and move on we must accept. We don't fight against ourselves and what we find within, however disturbing it may be. Sure we need to understand the effect this stuff has on self and others, but we must also treat it with some respect as it is inside of us and therefore has become part of us.

     So we seek to rid ourselves of various forms of emotional and behavioral garbage, but to do this we don't engage in self-loathing, self-hatred or self-pity. Sit down next to it and befriend it all... and then let it go. Take some time everyday to be quiet, breathe, and let what needs to come up, come up. Pray for God to teach you how to let the darkness go and replace it with love, strength, honesty, courage, patience, tolerance, willingness, humility and service.

      Trust me, I have to pray an…

"The Privileged Addict Quotes" - Release Coming Soon

So I've been working on "Anybody Can Take Steps" now since December and unfortunately, my current workload confines me to about half a day every week to work on it. The point is I'll need a few more months to edit it properly and make sure it's worthy of release, even if it is just self-published child's play.But to make up for the delay, I will soon be releasing "The Privileged Addict Quotes".

     See for yourself. Below is a selection from the book. Keep in mind the book contains extensive passages and new stuff you cannot find in the blog. If you enjoy this or find it useful, pick up the book and tell your friends about it. Or if you have an agent or publisher friend who doesn't mind publishing words that tend to challenge the status quo drivel, let me know and I'll send them copies of The Privileged Addict, The Privileged Addict Quotes & Anybody Can Take Steps.

     Finally, I'll also be releasing ThePrivileged Addict Praye…

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How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

I've gotten shit in the past for saying there's only one way, even though I've never said that. I also can't save anyone. All I can do is try to inspire others to consider doing some work on themselves by telling them what worked for me and by illuminating flaws in the various conventional methods, because really, why bother engaging in anything at all if in the end what you are doing isn't going to work?

     Why stay all lit up and jammed on methadone, for instance, when it will ultimately fail you? Why talk to a therapist when you refuse to act? Why sit in group when you are not a victim of anything? Why collect a chip when you haven't really accomplished anything? Why take psychotropics when your mental illness and underlying emotional-spiritual malady remain fully in tact? Why do anything if you know in your heart that you are bullshitting yourself? Besides, many of these methods were actually designed to fail you, such as relapse prevention and har…