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CDC Promotes Failure & Substitution Meds, Nothing Else

Nobody that becomes anything does so without wanting to on some level...

The CDC asserts that "methadone remains the most effective treatment for opiate addiction."

OMG, you have to be kidding me. That statement is absolutely insane.

     Man I feel bad for you guys. The nonsense you are being fed by conventional resources is essentially propaganda concocted to help us rationalize failure in a concerted effort to pump meds. The following can be found on the website of a regional support group, but most of the information comes straight from the CDC, appropriately. Not only is it totally depressing, but it is also false. Don't fall for it. So let's list a few of these nuggets in italics and then correct each statement as we go.

     Just to be clear, I've spoken at many of these support groups several times and these are good, wonderful people, so I'm not judging them, I'm simply correcting some of the information that appears online. Why? Because you shoul…

What To Do With Addicts

Rule #1:
     Don't listen to me or anybody else. It's better if you figure things out on your own. In fact, you will find the answers inside of you and the proper guidance if you sincerely ask and pray for it. Figure out the best solution based on your own situation. Listen to your gut and use your best, most honest judgment. See, Don't Listen to Me, for more on that.

     In, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, Shunryu Suzuki writes,

     “Even though you try to put people under control, it is impossible. You cannot do it. The best way to control people is to encourage them to be mischievous. Then they will be in control in a wider sense. To give your sheep or cow a large spacious meadow is the way to control him..."

     In other words, if you box someone in or tell them what to do, they want to bust out and do what you have forbid them to do. Conversely, if you give someone space and refrain from preaching, they tend to stay put and perhaps even ask your advice.…

Trust Me, The Root of Our Problem Is Selfishness

So everybody's wrong, right? Uh, no, I don't think so.

     Regardless of what changes may occur to the brain from abusing drugs and alcohol year after year, the root of our problem is selfishness and the root of our recovery is unselfish action.Whether you want to believe that or not doesn't change the truth. Whether you want to explain away an illness by blaming others, blaming environment or blaming genes doesn't change the fact that addiction is acquired through selfish action and it is vanquished through unselfish action.

     I tracked some more searches for you over the course of the last two days. Hopefully this will help to illuminate the nature of our malady. Addicts can be likened to children who refuse to grow up, as growing up means shedding the ignorance of youth and the fantasy of adolescent narcissism. Growing up means hard work and personal responsibility. Growing up challenges us and pushes us out of our comfort zone - the one thing addicts don…

Projection & Self-Doubt

A while back, some guy commented that everything I write regarding addiction is just an opinion. He wanted to see it that way because he needed to rationalize his addict's half-ass recovery efforts as well as the beliefs he had about his child.

     I hate to say it, but these are not opinions. This is knowledge that I have been given and acquired through the experience of real-life trial and error, and more importantly, actual RESULTS. When you're an addict and you go from extreme delusion and dishonesty to extreme clarity and honesty, you begin to see what is true and what is false. You begin to see things as they truly are.

     But when our own program/s continue to fail us repeatedly, we often engage in projection in order to avoid the shame and humiliation that accompanies failure. We project to avoid the truth, to avoid accountability, and most importantly, to avoid taking responsibility.

     Failure also begets self-doubt, and when self-doubt becomes pathologic…

Relationship Inventory

"God, help me to see those things that block me from You and Others."
1st Column (The person, institution or principle I resent.)


2nd Column (The specific resentment.)

a) Took my head off for making an honest and thoughtful suggestion about the painting she has for sale, even though it was a sincere effort to help sell it.

3rd Column (Parts of me the resentment effects...)

SE (Self-Esteem),
P/A (Pride or Ambition)
P/SR (Personal or Sexual Relationships)

4th Column (How was I Self-Seeking, Selfish (dig for this one), Dishonest & Fearful?)

Self-Seeking: I am the fucking hero husband. In other words, I wanted to be seen as caring, loving and of course, business savvy.

Selfish: I was unable to see that even well-intentioned suggestions remind my wife of an entire lifetime of being ridiculed by her narcissist mom.

Dishonest: Partially, I wanted her painting to look a certain way (i.e. as good as it can) such that it reflects better on us, and more specifically, me.

Fear: I fear…

Methadone Robs You from the Light of God

I'm sure many of these methadone advocates and methadone addicts are not bad people, it's just that they don't understand anything about methadone, let alone the malady of addiction. Just read a story by a woman who rationalizes lifelong methadone use. She writes that at one time she went off of methadone and relapsed immediately.

     Um, yeah, that's because it doesn't work, which is, needless to say, a drastic understatement.

     You still suffer from the mental obsession, which can be characterized as recurring thoughts or ideas that do not respond to ration or reason. You still have a broken mind. You still have a chip missing in your methadone saturated brain. You are still completely insane. In fact, you are on a synthetic opiate and therefore you cannot biologically equate being on methadone with being sober unless you enjoy lying to yourself. Methadone is a synthetic opiate that will destroy your body and your life, just as heroin will.

     The blog…

Brief Note to the Trolls

Not that it really matters, but someone commented the other day on Frothy Emotional Appeal:

     "fucking trash didn't help at all you are a dick head for this."

     This poor chap just doesn't get it. These posts are written to help you. This is a service, and one that I'd be perfectly content to delete and forget about forever. I don't need to be anyone. I don't need to accomplish anything. If you are happy and okay, trust me, that is all that really matters. Personally, I am happy and at peace over here in the bitter cold of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, and therefore have no desire or need to tell others what to do.

     I write these posts the way I do because being challenged saved my life and gave my family indescribable peace and serenity. So I write my experience and my truth in a way that is directed towards others who suffer from addiction. The tone of these posts reflects the exact attitude that has enabled me to be…

If You Want Answers, Observe

For anyone who doesn't comprehend that our selfishness and cowardice preceded our physical allergy (brain disease), below is the complete list of searches that appeared on my stats page over the course of the day, and it is but one of many indications that addicts suffer from pathological selfishness, immaturity and a preoccupation with comfort, as opposed to the involuntary symptoms of a blameless genetic predisposition.

     Many parents and addicts alike swallow this stuff because they are blinded by the convictions they have about their children. Trust me, while your addicted child may very well be a wonderful, talented person, they did not just catch addiction and alcoholism in the air like a cold, nor were they powerless to avoid becoming an addict based on their DNA. That type of thinking is for those of us who want to remain brainwashed in the comfort zone of denial, which allows us to avoid the truth at all costs.

     Addicts and alcoholics made themselves addicts a…