Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Dual Diagnosis Hoax

     To heal myself, I simply had to address the core underlying problem. Trust me, you don't need the DSM-IV to figure us out. We like to pretend and act all complicated, but we're not. Nobody is. The truth is that we are spiritually ill, just like everybody else who suffers from anything.

     In today's drug and disorder obsessed America, we typically sit down with a therapist of sorts and explain our problems as they mentally sift through the DSM-IV trying to pinpoint our specific basket of personality disorders, mental disorders and/or chemical disorders. Upon our diagnosis of say, alcohol dependency, severe depression, PSTD, and let's throw a little ADHD in there just for good measure, the therapist/doctor attempts to address each specific disorder with a combination of therapy and various medications. Nothing could be more ridiculous in attempting to effect long-term healing.

     But why, Charlie? How dare you spew such non-clinical blasphemy?

     Don't get mad at me. It's not my fault that we've all been duped into believing in the disorders that we are diagnosed with. It's not my fault that we believe in the dual-diagnosis hoax. And it's not my fault that there is actually no such thing as the never-ending myriad of disorders claimed by the DSM-IV. Yes, you read that correctly. Most disorders in the DSM-IV are nonsense. There is really only one malady that any of us have, and sure it may manifest itself is a variety of ways, but attempting to treat each specific manifestation is fruitless and idiotic, as well as plain ignorant. It cannot be done. The only way to heal any specific disorder is to treat the core illness. That core illness is spiritual. If we heal ourselves spiritually, then all outward manifestations will gradually dissolve, and without a single wasted dollar on therapy or drugs.

     So there is no such thing as a dual-diagnosis. You're either well or you're not well. Whether it's alcoholism, addiction, depression, bipolar, narcissism, anxiety, antisocial personality, body dysmorphia, sexual promiscuity, obesity, gambling, or whatever... it's really all just the same shit. They are all offshoots of ONE THING. That thing is a sickness of the spirit. It is a disconnection from others, from earth, from God. It is a disconnection from self. We are simply lost and fucked up and need to be found.

     Treating every possible skew known to mankind is just a marketing gimmick to dupe the gullible masses into taking as many medications as the big boys can possibly get us to take. The more doped out we are, the better it is for the big boys... and of course, the government.

     Doctors love to tell you that depression causes addiction, that our feelings cause us to use. First, let me mention that when you have the most severe bio-chemical depression known to man and you are rendered completely dysfunctional - you feel nothing, taste nothing, can barely move, can't sleep, sleep all day, can't get up, mind is racing, can't face anybody or anything, ever (which I've personally experienced repeatedly and let me tell you, it is brutal) - you don't really drink or use drugs during this sort of torture because it doesn't work. Nothing works. You are so dead inside that even alcohol and heroin fail you, and in fact, only serve to amplify the depression.

     Ask a depressed pothead why he continues to smoke pot even though it makes him more depressed after he smokes it. It's because smoking more pot has nothing to do with relieving him of his depression (obviously), as it is actively making his depression worse. He continues to smoke pot because he is a pot addict. I only began drinking and using again once my depression lifted and I felt good. So drugs can cause depression, as they ravage us spiritually, suck our vital energy (Qi), and fuck up our serotonergic and dopaminergic systems, but depression doesn't cause drug addiction. They are really just two different symptoms or byproducts of the same underlying spiritual condition, living side by side.

     Let me tell you how I managed to conquer clinical depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, rage, and a few personality disorders? Um, Work. Yup, that's it. Spiritual action. I pushed myself with everything I have. I walked through pain and fear and discomfort. I dug deeply, became terrifyingly honest with myself and expelled a lifetime of poison and rot-gut shit that infected my mind, heart, soul and body. I tried to clean myself from the poisions of self-seeking, dishonesty and fear. I faced those I had wronged. I tried to empty myself of filth and fill myself up with spirit and power and the love of God. Now to be more accurate, I pathetically attempted to do this stuff in my retarded addict way... but it worked. I tried and I was earnest about it, and because of that, something happened.

     Sure our growth must continue far beyond the initial actions of the Twelve Steps. Movement therapies, Zen meditation, service, art, music, spiritual retreats, hurling oneself into the base of an ice cold waterfall and climbing mountains to the peak are all pretty helpful if we plan to continue growing.

      And yes, I realize these are all just words and people say this sort of shit all the time, but my experience was quite real and unexplainable. I felt a mind-blowing power and flow of energy from the Universe shoot straight down through the top of my head and flow throughout my body, and after that... Depression gone. Bipolar gone. Anxiety gone. Fear gone. Obsession to use drugs gone. Obsession to drink gone. In an instant, I suddenly couldn't give two shits about drugs anymore because I came into brief contact with God, and let me tell you that one little miniscule spec of this kind of Power and you are completely changed for life, or at least changed for some time, and then we must continue to grow and work in a host of other ways. But God exists and anything is possible. This I know.

God, be with me...


  1. I love this and see how being the mother of an addict, I too can apply the same principles to my life. I've been relying on my own mind and will, thinking I'm smarter than my Higher Power. Dead wrong. Thanks Charlie.

    1. You are so welcome. And I am completely grateful to you for reading.

  2. Charlie,
    I loved finding your blog today. I like your perspective, except for one little teenie bit. Our malady is not spiritual. Our malady stems from "deep seated, sometimes quite forgotten, emotional conflicts that persist below the level of our consciousness." Pg 79-80 of the 12 by 12.
    I was never spiritually wounded. How can I be? I have blockages to me knowing that I am a spiritual manifestation, however my spirit did not take on the wound. My mind did through my emotions.
    Well I look forward to reading more from your blog but must run out for a bit.

    1. Jim,

      Thank you for reading and so forth. Believe it or not, I understand completely what you are saying. I do think that our spiritual or higher selves can become affected by the abuse we inflict on ourselves emotionally, some of which is obviously quite old and deep-seated. If I am psychic-ly cut off from self, I am cut off from God, which is also me.

      I use the word spiritual in perhaps a different way common to most. Spiritual to me is REALITY, not the fluff, as it were. Those deep-seated emotional conflicts that do indeed exist below the level of our consciousness is a level I consider to be of a spiritual nature. That is to say that, our emotional energies and the wavelengths that we create break down into what I believe is the fabric of the spiritual realm.

      So for me, our emotional and thought activity is quite spiritual, as it either makes us whole or breaks us apart. I consider the higher or unseen realm to be everything, though we tend to be quite deceived by our physical existence as it appears as though we are separate and that everything is separate, which I don't believe. I believe all of existence, whether physical, emotional or mental, can all be broken down into essentially the same stuff, into nothingness, into spirit or spirit energy, if you will. For me, everything we do, think, feel and say is a manifestation of our spiritual nature.

      I read your latest blog (the blog is beautiful, by the way) and you have nailed it right on the head. Our universal epidemic is one of SHAME. I think perhaps we are all ashamed. What of? We are ashamed of being human. I call this sickness of human shame to be a spiritual one, because if you take our existence to be essentially spiritual, then our human shame is indeed a spiritual malady. But I agree entirely that this core sickness in indeed one of shame.

      Kind of you to reach out and chime in.

  3. The Holy Spirit is a powerful thing. I am not surprised that everything was fixed. Why would God fix your addiction but leave you with the (put your favorite disorder here) that got you there in the first place.


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