Sunday, June 1, 2014

Methadone is NOT a Solution, Obviously

     Don't take this the wrong way, but if anyone who thinks Methadone is a solution simply doesn't understand addiction.

     To begin, addiction is the presence of the mental obsession (a broken or insane mind), which means that thoughts to use do not respond to ration or reason. So long as the mental obsession exits, we are subject to relapse at any point in time and for no reason whatsoever. Thus, the addict is either completely recovered (no obsession) or not at all. There is no grey area. Therefore, an addict on Methadone is simply biding time, waiting to relapse.

     And please, if you are a parent, watch out. Our illness is progressing RAPIDLY while we're on Methadone. When and if we ever get off of this synthetic form of heroin, we are going to go on the RUN OF A LIFETIME, which may very well end us once and for all.

     As you may know, I couldn't care less about blowing up comfort zones. My job is to tell you the truth and help to dissolve the pile of bullshit you may have been fed by your family doctor or some other source of mainstream ignorance. The good news about challenging perceptions and beliefs is that you can rest assured I will never do you the disservice of lying to you, especially about Methadone.

     Methadone is a state-sponsored, synthetic opiate - otherwise known as pure evil. "Here, buy our brand of heroin instead of your brand of heroin." Heroin is an opiate. Methadone is an opiate. How is taking more opiates a form of treatment for opiate addiction? Your brain is still actively addicted to opiates. Is not a remedy something which treats the ailment? I'm not a brain surgeon, but I'm pretty sure you can't treat opiate addiction with opiates.

     I hate to burst your bubble, but an addict Methadone is simply no better at all. Why not? Because he or she is still utterly deranged. Because the heaping pile of false beliefs, character flaws and spiritual poison that have built up year after year are all still present. The addict on Methadone remains sick beyond measure, so don't be fooled just because we perk up for a time and enroll in a few classes, because what you have is simply a highly disturbed and insane individual getting to stay high on your tax dollars. The mental, emotional, psychological and physical condition of an addict on Methadone is truly frightening.

     I took Methadone once to "treat" my heroin addiction and I can now admit that I was simply engaging in the easiest, softest route I could find - the coward's route. And this is, needless to say, the very thing that brings addicts down - preoccupation with comfort and pathological self-focus. So how effective was the synthetic opiate I took for my opiate addiction? Well, I'll tell you one thing, I was brought to my knees by the indescribable torture of withdrawal, and once I was finally clean of it (weeks, not days), I was left ravaged, devastated, spiritless, clinically depressed, suicidal, anxious, totally self-absorbed and focused on nothing but my feelings and comfort, and yup... still a full blown drug addict.

     Do you see the problem? We are nowhere but right back where we started. 

     Worse than any of that, of course, is the fact that when Methadone was finished with me, I was still useless to those who love me and useless to the world. If you ever want your child back, if you ever want your child to be able to give to you again, if you ever want your child to succeed in this world and experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, then stay as far away from Methadone as humanly possible. I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole and gloves on.
     Trust me, I really do feel for the parents and spouses out there who have been told by some clueless doctor that Methadone is a form of treatment for heroin addiction, when it is anything but. You may even think your addict is getting better, but let me tell you why: because they are still jammed out of their minds! And it's free! They've managed to fool you that they're dealing with their addiction. "Wow, a no guilt high! This is the life!"

     How selfish are we addicts?

     So listen, there are many good, talented doctors out there, but those who describe Methadone as a type of treatment or solution are committing a moral crime. In fact, the CDC still asserts on their website that Methadone is the most common and effective form of treatment for heroin addiction that exists. You gotta love the government sites. They lie right to your face and people believe it thinking, "Well, the government can't lie right to my face publicly, so it must be true!" Lol. Right.

     Perhaps the most immoral addiction-related fact that exists today is how tax dollars are used to subsidize Methadone and Methadone clinics. As if you poor parents aren't already raped enough with federal income taxes, entitlement taxes, welfare taxes, war taxes, property taxes, energy taxes, inflation, dollar-debasement, bailouts for criminal bankers, corporate welfare, congressional salaries, cronyism and presidential vacations. So now hard-working, middle class Americans should foot the bill for drug addicts to continue getting high, and especially when you consider there are 7 billion other people in the world who feel and go through the same shit we addicts do and they just get up, walk through it, and go to work sober because they are adults and because it is the right thing to do.


     Get off the Methadone and go get better. Do some actual work on yourself like a responsible adult. That is what separates the men from the boys. 


  1. were you ever addicted to heroin?

  2. From what I have seen in my are right on the money.all the exact symptoms.she's self bed all the time while life is passing her by.I have never hated anything like this shut that's stolen my child


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