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Resentment Inventory

I thought I'd repost this entry, as I've added some reflection to the process of resentment inventory, specifically the 4th column, which can produce frequent migraines, as well as other unbecoming side-effects. The new stuff follows the instructions below.


We write inventory to extract resentment, fear and sexual misconduct, which if left in the body will cause all sorts of damage, both spiritual and physical. Here we deal specifically with resentments, which block us from truly getting better, as they form a wall between us and God. But inventory is a miraculous tool and should be used by anyone seeking to grow and rid themselves of the various forms of spiritual poison.

     Before reading and using these instructions, please first read the post, Resentment.
(See also Resentment Inventory Example afterwards for an example, as well asFear Inventory and Sex Inventory. Also see More InventoryHome Depot Inventory & Rese…

Dear Reader...

Dear Reader,
     So... the purpose of this blog was to offer everything I know about the heart, mind and soul of an addict, about alcoholism and addiction 101, about recovery, action and growth, about flimsy remedies vs spiritual solutions, and most importantly, about the original Twelve Step process and the universal spiritual/moral principles contained within.
     Given the rapidly growing and ever-deepening spiritual void in this country, I believe it is of vital importance to cultivate and nourish a moral compass, especially given the frightening level of filth that has infected our culture, the fraud that has infected our banking industry, and the sociopaths and lunatics that have infected our government. 
     Not to mention the fact that our children will become debt serfs, as we sit back and watch their future standard of living robbed with impunity. Our collective selfishness, irresponsibility and profligacy should be considered child abuse. Needless to say, there is no such t…