Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dog Shit Wisdom

     On a lighter note, we somewhat recently began letting our dog sleep around the house, outside of her crate, and woke the other day to find multiple piles of shit and puke scattered about.

     Now of course, Thich Nhat Hanh says we should be grateful for such things that stop us dead in our tracks, providing us with a chance to yield, fall back to earth, breathe, and remember to simply be where we are - in the present moment.

     So, after some brief words with the dog, I eventually allowed the mindless activity of cleaning various forms of excrement to provide me with this rare opportunity to slow down and be mindful.

     And why stop there? I also spent some time the other morning frantically looking for some missing diggers in our back yard that my 2-year old was demanding be found. My frustration grew as I was held back from rushing out, and that is when I noticed a rather large chunk of dog shit creeping up the side of my sneaker.

     So I got the hose out, took off the shoe, held it in such a fashion and went to it. As I began with the hose, meticulously spraying off the thick layer of shit, I lost myself in the activity and suddenly I was free. It completely took me out of my head and dissolved the build up of tension and frustration. I left the yard chuckling, remembering how blissful it is to remain no where else but in this moment and with an empty mind.

     Neither the past nor the future exist, so why go there? Why go to a place that isn't real, that is designed to cause us pain and angst, and that doesn't include fresh dog poop? Be joyful ye brothers and sisters, pick up barf and feces!

God, teach me to be where my feet are...